Principal Speech
There is no alternative to education, This universal truth is being believed by all from the time immemorial true. Education is very much needed at the present time.Keeping the necessity of true education in mind. Uttar bishwanath college was founded in the rural area of north bishwanath in 1994.So this institution has been playing a great role in the undeveloped area of north bishwanath from its establishment. Though passing throgh difficulties in the past,now it has overcome most of its rainy season and mismanaged to stand on its own feet. Congenial atmosphere of education,good result, the quality education are considered to be the affirmative aspects in the way of growing up as a qualified man.These factors exist fully in this institution undoubtedly. Our aim is to create a good citizen by injecting the humanistic qualities – such as patriotism,civility,inspiration of acquiring higher education, kindheartedness, and above all a drastic change in the mindset of our students .And we can proudly say that we have been able more or less successful in our mission. I hope that today or tomorrow Uttar bishwanath College would be able to make its room among the distinguished educational institutions in the country with the help of proper management of the governing body in collaboration with guardians and students. As a principal of the college I earnestly request the local elite class of people living home and abroad to come forward for the betterment and development of the college .Thanking all who were , are and will be the co-passenger in the way of fulfillment of our mission. Thank you.Md. Nesar Ahmed
Uttar Bishwanath Amjod Ullah College
Bishwanath, Sylhet.